Tripping The Light Fantastic

For anyone who has not come across it, this is a great new addition to the recording of Leith History, well worth seeking out.

Unregarded Edinburgh


I was delighted to see this piece which had been on Leith harbour’s lighthouse reprinted in “Thelma” a Quarterly for The Living Memory Association.

Copyright David Macadam 2015

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About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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5 Responses to Tripping The Light Fantastic

  1. Bruce says:

    Hi Ruth, it has been a few years ago that I first spoke to you. Did you ever get your book finished? If so I would like a copy.

    • Ruth Macadam says:

      hi bruce
      Thank you for keeping in touch.
      I am still working on my research, a can of worms that keeps growing, i will let you know as soon as i get to publishing stage!
      kind regards

  2. Pat Sinclair says:

    My Grandmother was Georgina Robb born in 1888. She married John Proctor in about 1917′ ish. According to her birth certificate her Father was George Robb (a ropemaker) and her Mother was Margaret Walker (they married c 1884) Georgina and John had 2 daughters and 3 sons of which two were twins. One of the twins George, had Leith as his middle name. I wondered if this could just be a fluke, or is their a connection

    • Ruth Macadam says:

      hi pat
      i think it is partly coincidence, i dont have any of these names on the direct family tree i have been working on for some years. Robb is quite a common Scottish name, as Ive found out chasing great grandfather’s family! Should I find a connection i will, of course, pass it on to you. kind regards ruth

  3. PAt Sinclair says:

    Sorry about the delay Ruth, I didn’t realise you had answered. That is disappointing I had hoped that there was a connection as many of the Robbs associated with my Gran were connected to the sea. Her brother Frank was a sailmaker and until his death was still working on newly built sailing yachts etc – Never mind – something may turn up, you never know – Regards Pat

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