I Am The Very Model Of A Russian Major General

worth sharing as i know many of you will, like myself, be in awe of the Ukranians’ resilience in the face of this appalling situation

The Oligarch Kings

To Valery Gerasimov et al may they rot in hell

I am the very model of a Russian Major General
My standing in the battlefield in growing quite untenable
My forces, though equipped and given orders unequivocal
Did not expect the fight to be remotely this reciprocal.

I used to have a tank brigade but now I have lost several
My fresh assaults are failing with battle schemes extemporal
I can’t remove vehicles but farmers in a tractor can
Its all becoming rather reminiscent of Afghanistan!

Big shout to Herr Reinbold, for the spot and Andrej kv of Gilbert & Sullivan Society Of Facebook who wrote this gem.

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