From Snootie Uti To Snottie Brottie ; Or Why Scotland Nearly Voted Yes

The Oligarch Kings


When I was a boy there were still elderly couples retiring to Edinburgh’s New Town or to large detached villas in Helensburgh and Broughty Ferry from a lifetime spent out in the Empire. These retired judges, colonels, and tea planters took up their reward for years of duty in those elegant crescents or leafy rhododendron-lined drives. Old nabobs and koi hai’s all. Naturally, they were firm believers in the British myth and in their retirements became pillars of local community and politics. I didn’t realise it then, as I delivered their Sunday Newspapers (Sunday Times with the News of the World discretely snuck inside), but they were the last in a two hundred and fifty year line of Scottish people who had relished British identity and taken advantage of the British Empire.
But, over time, they slowly disappeared. They literally died off. There are hardly any now left and those…

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About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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