A Patchwork of Leith Memories Exhibition

DSCN1053Well, today we finally managed along to the exhibition.

A tremendous collection of items from fur coats through furniture to sherbet fountains were nicely arranged as if in an everyday room from many of our pasts.

Lists of unusual businesses, information about the history of Leith Hospital and extracts from old phone books and other listings which included the following ship builders, chandlers, masters and owners were on display as well.


Added to that there were others to chat to, the welcome was warm and friendly and, as always, just a few minutes with others brought new understanding and thoughts to bear on my research.

A good outing and real blast from the past!

Thank you Living Memory Association!

Copyright: Ruth Macadam 2013






About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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3 Responses to A Patchwork of Leith Memories Exhibition

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  2. Bill & Suzanne Patterson says:

    This all reminds me of the six months I spent as a House Doctor in Leith Hospital Children’s Wing (which was the Leith people’s war memorial to Leithers who lost their lives in action). It was one of the hardest six months work in my career but I loved it and learned so much about paediatrics but also about people and how they coped in adversity. Just a week ago, Professor John Forfar, who was the senior physician when I was there in 1958, died in his mid-90’s – he was a wonderful mentor. His teaching was the reason why I so often surprised parents of little patients when I turned down the offer of a chair but insisted on sitting on the floor to speak to and examine them instead of looming over them from above! John was so often to be seen sitting on the ward floor playing with the children’s toys!

  3. John D. Stevenson says:

    Enjoyed meeting Myles Tubb and swapping stories with the volunteers
    Good exhibition well put together and ” user friendly ”
    Well done to all involved

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