HMS Edinburgh in Leith – “The Spirit of Leithers” article from Facebook

hms edinburgh

This article has been posted on Facebook this evening, click the picture above or the link at the bottom of the page to access the Spirit of Leithers Facebook page on which it appears, and on which you can add comments. As Facebook does not have a share option with anyone except itself I have had to copy and paste the article and picture over to publicise it on WordPress.

HMS Edinburgh – Save or Scrap!

HMS Edinburgh arrived in Leith on May 15th for a week long celebration of her 30 year affiliation with our city and our country’s capital. She is bowing out after three decades and with more than 793,500 miles of global operational service under her belt. She is due to be decommissioned in June and worth about £500 000 as SCRAP!

But should we be looking at saving this ship? Britannia makes a profit, surely HMS Edinburgh would be her perfect escort? It is likely there will never be another ship to bear the name of our city so to lose her would be a monumental loss and all for the scrap value when she could be a major attraction on Leith’s waterfront alongside Britannia and paying for herself. What do you think? What are the views of our ruling administration. Any thought on this Lord Provost? We’d love to hear.”

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