Model of The Cubahama in Chambers Street Museum

As promised, here are a few pictures of the model of MV Cubahama which is currently on display in the very top corner of Chambers Street Museum.

The legend beside the model reads

“MV Cubahama was built by Henry Robb Ltd, Leith in 1938 for the Bahama Line of Charleston, USA. It carried bananas and other perishable goods from Cuba, theBahamas and the Florida Coast. Although the Clyde yards produced most Scottish build ships, shipbuilding continued in Leith, Fife, Dundee and Aberdeen until the 1980s.”

It doesn’t give much detail, but as regular readers will know, I wrote a blog piece on the Cubahama some time ago, so you can see more information using this link to that post –  Cubahama.

Here are a couple of the other photos I took last weekend, showing close ups of some of the detail of the model …

Copyright: Ruth Macadam 2012


About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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2 Responses to Model of The Cubahama in Chambers Street Museum

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  2. Rob Webb says:

    Hello. My grandfather, Willard Borden, was a captain of the Cubahama when I was young. He carried bananas. Do you have any information about him or what happened to The Cubahama?

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