HMS Victory exhibition

I was reading the Telegraph this morning and found a tiny item on page 11 about restorers returning to good old fashioned caulking methods for HMS Victory.

Try as I might, I can’t find it online to share a link, but did discover this article about the above exhibition, which has been running for a year, but hadn’t come under my radar, so thought I would share it with readers because, although it closes tomorrow, there are some video and picture links which may be of interest.

This link HMS VICTORY will take you to the site.

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About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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2 Responses to HMS Victory exhibition

  1. John D. Stevenson says:

    As you know I served my engineering apprenticeship with Henry Robb ( 1948/1953) and one of my friends at that time was a Carpenter apprentice.
    I went to the MN and he worked on in the yard and we lost contact
    Recently I had a call from him asking if I would like his original tool box and tools as he had no one to leave them to
    The box contains his caulking tools and mallet plus adze and various carpenters tools etc
    A wonderfuly thoughtful gift from a ‘real ‘ friend .

    • Ruth Macadam says:

      Thank you for sharing that John, just a quick response, which is summarised by WOW, how absolutely wonderful, and as you say, a real friend’s gift. More posts to follow soon, I’ve tracked down four of the ship models which can only help with the research towards getting this book on the go, and I’ve notions of a 100th anniversary exhibition which is becoming more of a possibility … more to follow.

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