Thought that this may be of some interest to my readers too. Thank you David.

The Oligarch Kings

The monument to the dead of the “Guy Mannering” with the Abbey of Iona beyond

Writing a blog means that one’s attention is often grabbed by the subject in the strangest and most unusual of places.  I have slowly collected bits about American official statues and commemoration around the world, statues to Presidents or streets and squares named after them in out of the way parts of Europe, and this week, whilst on a short break, I found another.

The United States Government erected the above gravestone out of the national pocket, to a number of it’s citizens drowned in a wreck in the middle of the nineteenth century.  What I found most interesting is the fact that the local population chose to bury the dead in the same graveyard as the Kings of ScotlandIona, a small island off the coast of the Isle of Mull, is the holy…

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Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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  1. Hello Ruth,
    Its me-Jim Brunton, former N.P.L. Master, now retired ten years..And former many times Master of Eigamoiya.This is the first re-visit to your web site, since my earlier contact with you.Interesting to read all the additional posts.I see you have expanded it-and made it better.
    I’d like to comment on the Eigamoiya’s rolling.Yes- full of phosphate she could roll extremely at times[A heavy dense cargo][But north-bound from Australia, this was less harsh, as the stowage could be ‘tweeked’ to make the G.M. smaller-and the rolling less extreme.But yes-she could roll.And did.
    When Eigamoiya was finally sold,after Nauru had run out of money, and after a long lay-up in Melbourne, she was sold to Singapore based Greeks, who named her ‘Chrysanthi’.She was later reported as lost under them.And she was reduced to one engine..Reported lost off Singapore, in a typhoon[Report in Marine Journal at the time].Hopeless being in a typhoon-with only one engine.[Never happened under us].But ‘ne faces’ as marine operators are often just awful.Who run ships and men-to their literal deaths.But,after that, her history becomes ‘vague’But it seems she re-emerges whole,, after having been reported as ‘lost in the typhoon’ in the Gulf of Thailand,whilst under ‘Chrysanthi’ name.Then, after nearly a life of 30 years,in 1997, she is reported in India somewhere as ;’Asoka 11′-a very odd ‘ressurection’ indeed..However, I have tried very hard, to seek photos of her as the Asoka 11, but to no avail.Perhaps one of our Indian contributors, can send in a photo of her in her final guise.Or better still, furnish us with details of her final Where and when.This would make her I’d guess, one of Henry Robb’s longest lasting vessels.
    One thing is sure, when under N,P.L. service, she was a very good service ship, ideal for the job in the pacific islands.And much admired by all..And above all a very happy, and comfortable ship,The accomodations and standard of food, was outstanding.WE were all very proud of her.[extreme rolling excepted].Hammer de Roburt,President of Nauru travelled on her many times.And when not carrying cargo, used her as his ‘yacht’.When money was available, no expense was spared, re her up-keep.And she usually looked good..Sne had very smart ‘lines’ , as did most of Robb’s ships.You built many types of successful ships, but I have to say, the designs of your Deep Sea Salvage Tugs, were the best I have ever seen.You were’pioneers’ of the ‘whale-back’ fo’x’l heads..Sincerely yours,Jim Brunton..
    P.S. I was interested to read the ‘post’ by R.Martin[I presume that was Inspector Martin,former Chief of Police, in Nauru.Glad to hear he is hale and hearty J.B.

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