Hesperia – Originally to be named Boisterous

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In response to Paul’s comment I have looked up some further information on the Hesperia.

I don’t know of the fate of her crew from whom there was no response to signals on 8th February 1945 as recorded in the Empire Sandy’s log.

Hesperia, yard number 329, was originally ordered as Boisterous. [Below is an extract from the order book contents showing this.]

She was a diesel salvage tug built for the Admiralty.

She was laid down on 25.3.42, launched on 10.11.42 by Mrs CC Walcott, commissioned on 21.5.43 and sailed on 25.5.43.

Her dimensions were 190 x 38.6 x 19, her GT 1100 and speed 16 knots.

She is listed as lost on 9.2.45 when she grounded in the Mediterranean off Libya, the day after she was seen aground by the crew of the Empire Sandy who recorded this in their log entry to which the link above will lead you.

There is a great painting of her, by a gentleman called Fred, on another site (the one shown in thumbnail above to whet your appetites), here is the link.

Painting of Hesperia

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