13, 000th hit

My thanks to whoever next clicks on my site for being my 13, 000th hit to the site.

I intend to get another post up this weekend, but am focusing more on getting the book chapters drafted out so that I can approach some publishers, having gleaned some possible ones at the Edinburgh Book Festival last week.

Thank you to all those who read here regularly and keep me on my toes!


About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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2 Responses to 13, 000th hit

  1. John Stevenson says:

    Good evening Ruth,
    Sorry haven’t “spoken ” with you for a while
    Am now just about finished my research for ” An A to Z of Leith Shipbuilders” ( Granton/Leith/Newhaven) and am trying to decide to put the info into book form or simply a website.
    As it stands I have names of around 170 firms/persons who were ship/boatbuilders dating from late 17thC to 2000 .
    Details of most 19th C ships built here are readily available if you are willing to search and I have been very lucky through “good contacts” managed to find names/details of many of the earlier
    ( 17th/18thC ) vessels built . This has been a bonus !!
    As an ex Robb’s apprentice and a general research interest in the firm I am happy to pass on the notes/archive material I have which I do not require for “A to Z …..” .
    An history of HR’s is long overdue !!!!
    Now you are in Edinburgh hopefully will be able to meet up at some time .

    John S. Stevenson
    Trinity Research Services

    • Hi John
      Thank you for the comment, and good luck with your A-Z, I’ve come across various other bits and pieces relevant to your work in my research and will pass on anything i find when going through my bits and pieces, although you are likely to have them already.
      Anything else you can point me towards is, as ever, very welcome, thank you.
      I’d be delighted to meet up finally – perhaps one weekend in September, not the coming one, we can discuss that by email (please note that i have a new email address as my provider ditched all my saved emails, including ones from yourself which meant i didnt have your contact email any more either, nor those of several people i’d been in touch with before, so i can be contacted on rc_patterson@hotmail.co.uk now).

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