The next generation – welcome to Sophie Alexandra

Update to the next generation post.

Visiting Sophie

The four generations, Suzanne (great granny), Ruth (granny), Carolyn (mum) and Sophie with Bill(great grandpa), Robin (great uncle), Stevie (dad) and Skye the dog (woof!)

A smile for the camera

Couldn’t resist, Sophie Alexandra Dick my granddaughter made her appearance on 20.6.2011 at 17.40 weighing an astounding 7lb 12oz, mum and baby both well, dad somewhat shell-shocked and all heading home as I type!

Congratulations to them all.


Copyright: Ruth Patterson 2011


About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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2 Responses to The next generation – welcome to Sophie Alexandra

  1. Brian Ferguson ex-Loftsman Henry Robb says:

    Firstly a late congratulations on your wee baby. I’ve just found your blog. I was lucky enough to have worked in Robb’s from 81 to 84 when I moved to Yarrow’s to finish my apprenticeship I’d be very interest to see a book on the yard. If not cmplete yet I could give you a few stories about the antics apprentices got up to.

    • Thank you Brian.
      I would be delighted to hear more from you about the yaird, it’s just this kind of oral history which I need to ensure that my book will be more than just a dry list of ships, launches etc.
      I am not around for a bit, but would be delighted to arrange to meet if you are somewhere local, or even if not, or to use skype if you are really far away to hear about your experiences.
      I’ll drop you this in email so you can let me know the feasibility of maybe getting together for me to learn from you in early August.

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