Scot II Website Now Live

Scot II in December 2010

One of the photographs from Dan's site

Scot II’s website is now live.

Dan phoned me today with some more news about plans her restoration and I hope that there will be some big news to share very soon.

Meantime please go and visit his site, enjoy, maybe leave a comment, and if you possibly can, consider making a donation towards the work being done on this wonderful 80 year old lady to restore her to her former glory.

Above is a picture of her in December from Dan’s site (there are more pictures of her on the Save the Scot II website).

Copyright: Ruth Patterson 2011

Photograph copyright: Dan Clark 2011

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About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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4 Responses to Scot II Website Now Live

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  2. Charlie Morrison says:

    I have fond memories of trips down the canal and Loch Ness on Scot II and the Jessie Ellen (I think that was her name). I have a black and white photo of Scot II tied up at Muirton Locks that I am happy to send on if interested. I also have one taken of me on board on the loch. They were probably taken round about the mid ’60s.

    It would be great to see her restored.

    Charlie Morrison.

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