Making New Friends and Learning More

Yesterday I was lucky enough to stumble on a site I had not found before.

 The site is very extensive, and has members interested in all sorts of maritime topics. Not only that, but the members are clearly very active and have already offered me a great deal of help towards my research.

I would recommend it to anyone and signing up is simple, quick and efficient.

The thread I have started about Robb’s can be found at:

This is just one of the many links I am trying to follow up for my research whilst working away from home during term time, so my apologies to all if I seem a little slow at times.

John Stevenson did warn me that there was a lot of information about Robb’s to be had, and my visits to the Scottish National Archive have confirmed this. I could spend weeks there, but am confined to the odd day in the holidays for now. It is always very special when I do get there, to look at and touch pieces of history, there or when being shown or loaned privately held artefacts is truly awe inspiring.

However, I think that the strength of my book will be the inclusion of the experiences and memories of those who worked at Robb’s and am very keen to meet and interview anyone who has a contribution to make. To hear it from those who were a part of the firm is another amazing experience and really brings my research alive. Please don’t hold back as there is much to be learned. What may seem small matters to you may be crucial parts of this immense jigsaw I am putting together!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, please keep in touch.

Copyright: Ruth Patterson 2010


About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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5 Responses to Making New Friends and Learning More

  1. Alice Johnston says:

    My father worked for Henry Robbs before and during the second world war. He was a riviters holder-on, and he was very proud of his work and the firm he worked for. He was one of the Black Squad, his name was Ned Hamilton, and worked there until his death on 10 July 1957. He told my Mum that his funeral should be on a Saturday, but he wanted it to be held on the Friday, and it was. All of the men who worked with him at Henry Robbs were there and my Mother and my brothers and I were so proud of the tributes they paid him. It was a great privilege for him to work for Henry Robbs.
    He loved his workplace.

    • Thank you for your comment Alice. If you remember anything else to add, I would be delighted to hear from you. Cross referencing all these details is going to be a challenge, but modern computers can at least take some of the fiddle out of it, and will probably pick up more links than doing it all by hand too!

      I am glad your dad was proud to work at the yaird – it’s always been said in our family that people were proud of working at Robb’s, but its good to have that confirmed as a reality and not just wishful thinking!

      All the best

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  3. alex strang says:

    hi.i worked as a caulker burner and was there when the yard closed.i just served my time when it this day i have never met any better people than the guys from do i get in touch with anyone/?harry hastings and brian traverse were our foremen at the time

    • hi alex,
      Thank you for getting in touch with me.
      Id love to talk with you about your time at Robb’s, I’ll email you to discuss this.
      Your posting on the site may jog some people’s memories or bring you some more information about those you worked with at the time as well.

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