The Launch of the “British Coast” Saturday 4th November 1933.

As promised, here is a picture of the launch in which my Uncle was involved.

He was the third of the Henry Robbs to work at the shipyard and began work there in the estimating department under Jimmy Bradford, the Naval Architect, on 2nd December 1957.

He was a tad younger at the time of this launch – he is the wee lad being lifted up to press the button to signal for the ship to be launched. Due to inclement weather this was the launch which was postponed. The original date was to have been on the Thursday but she did not go down the slips that day due to a gale. Thus, order number 198, a motor cargo vessel, took to the water.

I should note at this point that it was a matter of great pride to the Robb’s Yard that they never used chains to launch their ships, so they slid quietly into the water and as they found their level, bowed to the lady who had launched them. Everyone I have spoken to in my research has commented on this special feature of the launches.

Copyright: Ruth Patterson 2010


About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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