Ladies who Launch


The Platform Party at the launch of HMS Achanault by Mrs A.V. Alexander who was accompanied by the First Lord.

Having written about my mother launching the Aaro, it ocurred to me that it might be fun to put up a post with some information about the launches of the naval ships built by Robbs. Doubtless several readers will have memories to share about these!

During WWII Robbs built 42 ships for the Royal Navy. In addition to this the yard refitted and repaired nearly 3000 ships for the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy. This amounted to one new ship being launched, on average, every six weeks and one repaired every day!

Below is a table of the ships built for war service during that time.

299 Hazel 27.12.39 M.S. Trawler Mrs Ernest Brown
300 Hickory 24.2.40 M.S. Trawler LadyCantlie
306 Delphinium 6.6.40 Patrol Vessel S.S. Mrs G Hudson
307 Dianthus 9.7.40 Patrol Vessel S.S. Mrs P King
308 Petunia 19.9.40 Patrol Vessel S.S. Mrs F Sucliffe
309 Polyanthus 30.11.40 Patrol Vessel S.S. Lady Steele
310 Sidmouth 15.3.41 Minesweeper T.S. Mrs Broadley
311 Stornoway 10.6.41 Minesweeper T.S. Mrs A J Mackenzie
312 Saltarelo 6.8.40 Trawler S.S. Lady Darling
313 Sword Dance 3.9.40 Trawler S.S. Mrs F G Bailey
314 Moa 15.4.41 Training Vessel S.S. Lady Alice Ferguson
315 Kiwi 7.7.41 Training Vessel S.S. Lady Galway
316 Tui 26.8.41 Training Vessel S.S. Countess Jellicoe
317 Phlox/Lotus ii 16.1.42 Patrol Vessel S.S. Mrs Patricia de Chair
318 Pink 16.2.42 Patrol Vessel S.S. Mrs Thomas Johnston
321 Bustler 4.12.41 Diesel Salvage Tug S.S. Mrs Cooper
322 Samson/Samsonia 1.4.42 Diesel Salvage Tug S.S. Hon. Mrs W.S. Carson
323 Skye 17.3.42 Trawler S.S. Mrs John Duncan
324 Staffa 15.6.42 Trawler S.S. Mrs WRG Whiting
325 TLC No 46 9.5.41 Tank Landing Craft  
326 Ness 30.7.42 Fast Corvette T.S. Lady Duncan
327 Nith 25.9.42 Fast Corvette T.S. Lady Elphinstone
328 Growler 10.9.42 Diesel Salvage Tug S.S. Mrs Colin Sarel
329 Hesperia 10.11.42 Diesel Salvage Tug S.S. Mrs CC Walcott
330 Derg 7.1.43 Fast Corvette T.S. Lady Ford
331 Glenarm/Strule 8.3.43 Fast Corvette T.S. Lady Rosebery
335 Mediator 21.6.44 S.S. Diesel Salvage Tug Mrs Peter Fraser 
336 Reward 31.10.44 S.S. Diesel Salvage Tug Mrs Holden
337 Turmoil 11.5.45 S.S. Diesel Salvage Tug Mrs Geo. TCP Swabey
338 Warden 28.6.45 S.S. Diesel Salvage Tug Mrs Diana Falconer
339 Wallasea 22.4.43 S.S. Steam Trawler Mrs D Ritchie
340 Windrush 18.6.43 T.S. Steam Frigate “river” Lady Woolton
341 Wye 16.8.43 T.S. Steam Frigate “river” Duchess of Buccleuch
342 Naver/Loch Achanalt 23.3.44 T.S. Steam Frigate “river” Mrs AV Alexander
343 Flint castle 1.9.43 S.S. Corvette “castle” Mrs WJ Jordan
344 Hespeler 13.11.43 S.S. Corvette “castle” Lady Archer
345 Orangeville 26.1.44 S.S. Corvette “castle” Lady Darling
346 Loch Insh 10.5.44 T.S. Steam Frigate “loch” Mrs HC Bovell
347 Loch Katrine 21.8.44 T.S. Steam Frigate “loch” Lady Whitworth
348 Loch LaxfordCardigan Bay 28.12.44 T.S. Steam Frigate “bay” Lady Erskine Hill
349 Loch Maddy/Carnarvon Bay 15.3.45 T.S. Steam Frigate “bay” Lady Westwood
350 Loch Coulside/Padstow Bay 24.8.45 T.S. Steam Frigate “bay” Mrs Wm Wallace

Copyright: Ruth Patterson 2010

About Ruth Macadam

Great Granddaughter of Henry Robb. School teacher.
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2 Responses to Ladies who Launch

  1. This has been a great insight to our old grand lady, right now and everytime i see her it brings a tear to my eye,not only did i serve on her, i had my 21st birthday(delfzil,holland) what a run ashore that was(i’m now 57). Never touched jaegermiester since. Also my daughter catherine was christened aboard in Rosyth Dockyard just after our stay in Carron Drydock, we do have a page on Forces Reunited and a half dozen of us are back in touch,may i say thank you on behalf of myself James(harry) Harrison .EX R.N.(RETIRED).

    • Ruth Macadam says:

      Thank you for sharing that with my readers and myself James. Robbs’ ships do seem to evoke some very strong memories, both amongst those who built them and those who served on them.

      I would be delighted to hear from anyone else in your reunited group who has memories to share too.



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